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>We’re launching Sound Off!

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>Effective today, The Register Citizen has opened the floodgates of a new public forum called “Sound Off.”
The idea is to provide readers with the opportunity to comment on any topic that’s on their mind, from minor annoyances, to political gripes, to praise for an unsung hero who never seems to get proper credit.
We’re turning our pages over to you.
Yes, there’s an outlet already for this kind of thing … letters to the editor.
But we’ve found that many people don’t have the time to write, are intimidated by the format, don’t feel comfortable putting their name out there, or just don’t feel comfortable writing something.
Sound Off is different.
All you need to do is pick up the phone and leave your message – anything you want to say – at 860-626-6590.
It’s completely anonymous.
And if you don’t feel comfortable making that phone call, there’s another way to get into Sound Off … just drop an email to No need to provide your name – it’s anonymous – and we won’t print your e-mail address or anything like that.
Again, the number to call for Sound Off is 860-626-6590.
Look for Sound Off to appear in The Register Citizen in the next few days, as soon as we get some of you comments built up, and then check it out daily.


Written by mattderienzo

April 9, 2008 at 12:34 pm

Posted in Sound Off

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  1. >Thou shell not steel!this week I finished by Christmas decorating on the front porch with Santa and two elves only to have someone think they needed them more why anyone did I don’t know but if anyone gets a gift of a 3ft. Santa and 2 elves I hope you like them. Because I did.

    Janice Donahue

    December 19, 2008 at 12:57 pm

  2. >wILL THE REAL CLINT MONTGOMERY PLEASE STAND UP——Mr. Clint Montgomery said that there would be NO Christmas or Hannukah celebrations in his school citing separation of CHURCH AND STATE (NO WHERE IS THIS IN OUR CONSTITUTION). When he saw that other local superintendents respected religious days, he told everyone that he was misquoted in the Register Citizen. He went around wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and handed out candy to our children. There is a windy weekend forecasted, I wonder who Mr. Montgomery will be next.


    January 26, 2009 at 8:57 pm

  3. >Man Assaulted at golf course?First, I would like to say I enjoy reading the Register Citizen, but I was very upset to see this article. Mr. DeRosa published this article without all of the information. There are always two sides to any story and if he was going to put the time into reporting an incident that happened at the golf course he should have investigated more. Mr. DeRosa are you aware that the "victim" was actually hitting golf balls at the other two gentlemen and the "victim" grabbed a golf club and was about to attack the two men that you are calling "assailants". Mr.Mohan was defending himself. I don't condone violence, but in this case what was Mr. Mohan supposed to do, let the "victim" hit him with a golf club? I am sure in time the truth will come out, however Mr. DeRosa until that does because of you lack of effort in reporting this whole story you have made Mr. Mohan look guilty.


    September 1, 2009 at 12:29 pm

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