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>We’ve been absolutely amazed at the popularity and growth of readers using the “SeeClickFix” tool on RegisterCitizen.Com since it was launched earlier this year.

Our partnership with SeeClickFix.Com, an online map-based program, allows you to report a problem in your neighborhood such as potholes or graffiti, and to see and comment on and join in reports that others have made.
Here and across the country, the program has led to real changes, and has been a great tool for public officials to connect with residents for a quick resolution to issues. It has become a technology-enabled uber-neighborhood watch program.
Another amazing thing, considering the amount of abusive comments we get on RegisterCitizen.Com stories, is that folks have been using this tool exactly in the way it was designed.
Lately, however, we’ve gotten some complaints about folks using it to post nonsense or offensive faux “problems.” See the screenshot of a report that mentions me for an example. (Which made us chuckle.)
To keep this tool relevant to those who’ve come to rely upon it for important neighborhood issues, we’d urge readers who notice abusive posts to use the function on SeeClickFix that allows you to report inappropriate content. Like the “report abuse” button attached to every website story comment, it works, and offensive posts will be taken down.

Written by mattderienzo

September 13, 2010 at 3:18 am

Posted in SeeClickFix

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